Hitachi’s air-conditioning range is one of the most extensive around. From 2kW wall mounted units right up to fully modulating screw compressor chillers of over 1000kW, there’s a model for everything – from the domestic conservatory to the modern multi-storey office environment.

Hitachi’s residential air-conditioning range. 

Compact, cost effective, stylish wall units with high seasonal efficiency and low noise. Our Summit models from the Room Air Conditioning range are designed to complement the interior of any residential or commercial space.

Hitachi’s Utopia Commercial Range. 

Hitachi’s expanded range of Utopia Splits systems includes entry-level Utopia ES. With cooling and heating capacities from 7.1kW to 28kW these compact single fan units are economical and can be used for multi split applications (master slave control)

Hitachi’s Set-Free VRF Range. 

Set Free VRF 2-pipe heat pump or 3-pipe heat recovery is available from a single unit to adapt to customer requirements as they change. Each outdoor unit is lightweight and modular which – combined with long piping runs and improved height difference – means Set Free VRF can meet any design brief. Available in cooling and heating capacities from 22.4 kW to 165 kW in standard model and 14 kW to 100 kW in High Efficiency model.

Hitachi’s Ventilation Range. 

KPI Energy recovery uses Celluloid heat exchanger to transfer temperature and humidity. This product is suitable for environments where the air contained an important amount of humidity. The airflows vary from 250 to 2,000 m3/h. This product is suitable for offices areas due to low noise levels.

Hitachi’s Yutaki Heating Range. 

Hitachi’s has one of the UK’s most compreshensive range of heating products including Monoblocks, Splits, High temperature Units and even Hot Water Heat Pumps Cylinders.

Hitachi’s Samurai Chiller Range. 

RCME / AG2 are Air-to-Water chillers and are available in cooling only capacities from 106 kW to 1280 kW – available with heat recovery options – and heat pump models from 106 kW to 585 W. They feature exceptional low noise and vibration levels, often exceeding the performance of competing attenuated models. A Super Low noise pack is available to further reduce the sound level by 4dB(A). 

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