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Can we be your Air-Concierge?

I was lucky enough recently to enjoy a stay in a very posh hotel, it's not something I do every day but it was a bit of a treat as holidays are so hard to come by in the current situation. We normally stay in the big chain hotels which are functional, clean and offer an efficient if not very personal service but this independent posh hotel was different and that meant we had the luxury of a Concierge

If you are not familiar with the concept, The Concierge is there purely to make your stay more enjoyable, they know all the best restaurants, have access to special deals from theatres and attractions and most of all they take pride in ensuring each and every guest feels like a million dollars. If you are happy, the chances are they are happy too.

Fascinating, what has this got to do with air conditioning?

When it comes to choosing your air conditioning supplier, you too are blessed with the choice of either using the big chains (manufacturers) or the more boutique hotels such as distributors like Freedom.

Bespoke, personalised service

At Freedom we pride ourselves in taking the time to know our customers and their needs, we understand that our clients have very little time and often don't have the resources required to constantly chase the manufacturers for quotes, designs, stock availability and tech support. We like to think of ourselves as your concierge, we will tailor designs and quotes for you in a timely fashion, make sure the equipment gets there on time, commission or assist with commissioning and should the unfortunate happen, offer tech support and administer the warranty claims for you.

How much more does this cost?

Actually in the grand scheme of things, nothing at all. Whilst we may not be able to match some of the discounts given by the direct sales teams we are usually only 1 or 2 % out and once you factor in the costs saved by letting us take care of things for you, the savings soon add up. If you need to spend 45 minutes waiting to get through to the technical support team (who are often far less qualified or experienced than you or us) was it worth the £18 you saved on that 10kw Cassette? If you finish the day by doing 2 hours of design and quoting work after being out on the road all day instead of enjoying time with your family, was it worth the £45 you saved on that mini VRV project? More importantly when your guys are on site all day with nothing to do because your delivery didn't turn up, no amount of extra discount can get you back those losses or the stress spent trying to sort it.

This is just a fraction of the support we can offer you, and its no surprise that so many customers have returned to us after trying their luck with the manufacturers directly. It is truly appreciated especially during this current time when we all need to support each others small and medium sized businesses.

So next time you think about where to buy your kit from, enjoy a bit of a luxury break and check in to The Freedom Hotel, we promise to make your stay a thoroughly relaxing one.

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