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We've just added the top-notch TESTO range to our growing portfolio of ACR tools!

The Testo range of products is great value for money, easy to use, reliable, visually pleasing, and comes with a generous 2-year warranty.

Some key features include:

  • Ongoing updates with new refrigerants.

  • Automatic calculation of crucial system parameters.

  • Convenient operation via user-specified measurement menus, Bluetooth, and Apps.

  • Far more precise measurement results with constant accuracy than with analogue manifolds.

Additionally, with the Testo Smart App, you can evaluate results faster, generate reports on-site, and send them as PDF or CSV files via email directly to your customers.

At present, we are able to get these products in for you on a 1-2 day lead time (depending on stock levels at Testo). However, we are actively looking into the possibility of stocking a selection of popular items at our branch in Eastleigh in the near future.

Here are a few of our personal favourites from the range...


Want to know more about a particular product? Just click on one of the images below!

Charge refrigeration systems and heat pumps faster and more precisely: automatically with the Testo 560i wireless refrigerant scale, the intelligent refrigerant valve, a digital manifold from Testo and the Testo Smart App. So opt for the practical kit consisting of refrigerant valve and refrigerant scale Testo 560i right away - and benefit from time savings and maximum precision.

For completely wireless measurements on refrigeration and air conditioning systems and heat pumps. Thanks to the Bluetooth vacuum probe supplied, you can even measure vacuum without any cables or hoses. You will get the Testo 557s smart digital manifold with Bluetooth and 4-way valve block, one Testo 552i wireless vacuum probe (Bluetooth), two Testo 115i wireless clamp thermometers (Bluetooth, NTC), a hose filling set with 4 hoses and a robust transport case. For other wireless measurements, the Testo Smart Probes are ideal.

For refrigeration engineers: Compact kit containing Testo 549i high-pressure gauge and Testo 115i clamp thermometer (two of each). Used in conjunction with your smartphone/tablet, the kit is ideal for servicing, troubleshooting and installing air conditioning and refrigeration systems. The Testo Smart App makes your work easier and more efficient: over 90 stored refrigerants, automatic calculation of superheating/subcooling, emailing of measurement data reports as PDF or Excel files.

Wireless, versatile, easy to use: The kit, which includes a thermometer, an air probe, immersion/penetration probe and surface probe, is ideal for carrying out temperature measurements in a wide range of applications. The Testo 915i thermometer with smartphone operation and Bluetooth is part of the popular Testo Smart Probes portfolio. The thermometer provides fast, reliable measurement results and is particularly versatile and easy to use in combination with the probes, Bluetooth and Smart App.

The Testo 316-3 refrigerant leak detector is one piece of kit that you as a refrigerant technician just won`t want to be without. The handheld leak detector can detect all the most common cooling agents. And the smallest leaks. Comes with an automatic zero setting that also enables you to locate leaks in contaminated rooms.

The Testo 770-3 includes real-time power measurements (Watts), Power Factor, and Bluetooth. The free Testo Smart Probes App can be used for remote viewing, monitoring, data logging, and creating reports via Bluetooth. The powerful app allows you to create custom reports that include photos, data, and graphs that can be saved or sent via email.

The Testo 745 Non-Contact Voltage (NCV) Tester quickly checks for the presence of voltage in AC powered systems. It can be safely used up to 1000 VAC. When AC voltage is detected, the Testo 745 gives indication by flashing RED LEDs and buzzing audible tones. You can easily determine the hot and neutral legs of an outlet without lengthy and risky removal of the outlet. The Testo 745 NCV has a built-in Low Pass Filter which greatly reduces high frequency interference which causes false indications.


Come and pick up your printed copy of the 2022 Testo Refrigeration catalogue from our trade counter, or download the digital version by clicking on the Testo logo below:

If you already know which products you want, or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to speak to a member of the team using the details below:

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