Welcome to Freedom Technical, please follow the links to access manufacturers installation, operation, technical and service manuals.

For technical help please call 02380 653283 or email technical@freedomac.co.uk

To ensure a fast and efficient service please have the following information to hand.

i) Model Numbers of your indoor units, outdoor units and any remotes or control systems.

ii) A record of the fault code being produced by the system. These can be obtained via the LED lights on the front of the indoor unit or on the remote controller display. They can also be taken from the PCB display on the outdoor unit.

Preliminary Checks

i) Locate operation and maintenance manuals (O&M).

ii) Check schedules and time clock controls to ensure that the system has not timed out.

iii) Check power supplies to ensure the outdoor or indoor units have not been switched off.

iv) Check for any recent repairs or changes made to the system.

v) Check if any work has been done near the units by any other contractors.

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