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What is Air Conditioning?

Air Conditioning comes in many forms but the principle remains the same in all of the technologies. The process is known as vapour compression. A gas is compressed so that it becomes a liquid (like an aerosol can where you can hear liquid in the can but when you spray it, vapour comes out) it is then forced through a small hole into a bigger space (known as an evaporator) this change in mass creates a temperature change and allows the heat in the area around the evaporator to be collected and moved to another area.

Is it Energy Efficient?

Yes! New units are so efficient in cooling that they can run for less that 5 pence per hour, not much of a price to pay for a good night's sleep!  Most air conditioners (and all of the ones we supply) are able to reverse their cycle and heat the room as well (often referred to as Air Source Heat Pumps). Air-source heat pumps are highly energy efficient, meaning they’re a great way to cut your energy bills if you’re using oil or LPG for heating your home. Not only that, because they generate 3 times as much energy as they use, they’re far more efficient than a traditional boiler, using far less energy. 

Which unit is right for me?
Portable Units


These units are the simplest form of air conditioning and do not require professional installation, they use a hose to expel the the air to outside.

Wall Mounted Systems

Samsung - Midea - Daikin

Great for bedrooms, small offices/studies. These units sit high on the wall and produce cold or warm air and thanks to some amazing technolical advances this can be done with almost no draughts.

Cassette Systems

Samsung - Midea - Daikin - Hitachi

These units are ideally suited for larger spaces which require centralised cooling or heating. They are set into the ceiling so require either a ceiling void or a loft above them for installation.

Floor Mounted Systems

Samsung - Midea - Daikin - Hitachi

Floor mounted systems offer the ability to have heating and cooling in the location traditionally occupied by radiators.

Ducted Systems

Samsung - Midea - Daikin - Hitachi

These units require the most work in terms of installation but the pay off is that they are completely unobtrusive in the room where only a grille is visible. these units require either a loft or ceiling void  for placement.

How Much Does it Cost?

Portable units start from around £290 and installed units from around £800. Installation of a single unit should take less than one day and the price does drop if multiple units are installed. Installers MUST BE F-Gas registered by law and we only sell our installed products to registered engineers to ensure that the customer experience remains positive. Whilst this is  a  significant investment, once you have air con you will wonder how you managed without it!

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