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For a limited time only, and whilst stocks last, we are offering customers the opportunity to not only purchase a Midea PRO system for the price of an ECO system but also, each PRO system purchased enters you into a draw to win a £25 Amazon gift card!

The Midea AG2PRO-09 (2.5kW) system is a big step up from the AG2ECO equivalent, featuring a premium silver strip across the front panel and a built-in UVC sterilisation module to kill bacteria and prevent mould growth.

Each purchase of a PRO-09 single-split system will automatically enter you in a draw to win a £25 Amazon gift card. The draw will take place once all remaining stock has been sold - We anticipate that these will all be gone rapidly!

The system datasheet is available upon request.

For quotes, or to place your order, please contact us using the details below.

For terms and conditions, please see the bottom of this page.


  1. To qualify for the ECO PRICE MATCH, you must purchase a PRO-09 single-split system, made up of 1x AG2Pro-09NXD0-I(U) and 1x AG2Pro-09N8D0-O(U).

  2. Price match means amending the list prices of the items detailed above to match those of an ECO-09 system. Individual customer discount levels still apply.

  3. This promotion is open to both credit account customers and pro-forma customers.

  4. Whilst stocks at Freedom Air Conditioning last.

  5. To qualify for the Amazon gift card draw, an order must be collected or delivered, and invoiced or paid for. If your credit account is under review for any reason at the time of making the draw, your order(s) will not qualify.

  6. The gift card will be emailed to the lucky winner, who will randomly be selected once all remaining PRO-09 systems have been sold.

  7. If a system is returned for credit before the draw takes place, the relevant order will not be considered in the draw for the gift card.

  8. You may purchase more than one system at any given time.

  9. Draw entry is determined by the number of SYSTEMS purchased.

  10. Freedom Air Conditioning reserve the right to make changes to this promotion without prior notice.

  11. EAOE.

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