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Your SPECIAL summer offer! I-CUBE Breezeless E

Updated: Aug 2, 2023



For a limited time only, we are giving all of our customers who purchase I-Cube Breezeless E systems throughout May, June and July, the chance to win a £100 Amazon voucher!

For more information on the NEW Midea 'I-CUBE Breezeless E' system, please click...



Getting entries into this draw couldn't be simpler...

Each time you order and receive a complete Midea I-CUBE Breezeless E wall-mounted system throughout the months of May, June and July 2023, you'll earn an entry into the draw to win the £100 Amazon UK voucher.

The lucky winner will be randomly selected shortly after the deadline, which is 5pm on Monday, 31st July.

The winner will be contacted using the primary phone number associated with their Freedom Air Conditioning account. We will congratulate you on your win and also ask you for the best email address to send the voucher to.

Sadly, there are a few terms and conditions that you need to be aware of. These can be found at the bottom of this page.

Other than that, GOOD LUCK and THANK YOU to anyone who participates!



  1. Promotion running from 00:01 on Monday 1st May 2023, until 17:00 on Monday 31st July.

  2. To qualify, a customer must place an order for at least one I-Cube Breezeless E single-split system. Multiples of these single-split systems on one sales order will increase the number of draw entries given. However, the number of indoor and outdoor units must match (full systems). I.E. 2 full systems = 2 entries. 3 full systems = 3 entries. And so on.

  3. The qualifying models and systems are: 2.79kW System - CB1-09HRFN8-I + CB1-09HRFNX-O 3.77kW System - CB1-12HRFN8-I + CB1-12HRFNX-O

  4. Orders must be fully completed (collected or delivered in full) before the aforementioned deadline in order to qualify. Incomplete orders will not be considered when calculating your draw entries, even if some of the units on the order have been collected or delivered, even in the event of nil stock. The only exception to this is if there are any ancillary items on the same order.

  5. Orders placed and completed outside of the aforementioned dates will not be considered when calculating your draw entries.

  6. Customers must have a credit or pro-forma account with Freedom Air Conditioning. Orders raised on our card/cash customer account will not be considered.

  7. Entries are awarded to accounts, not individual engineers. The main contact for the account will be our point of contact in the event of a win.

  8. There is no limit as to how many entries an account can accumulate in the aforementioned time frame.

  9. The £100 Amazon UK voucher is digital and will be emailed to the winner. It is non-exchangeable and non-returnable.

  10. In the event that the winner is not contactable after a week of trying to make contact, the draw will be redone and a new winner randomly selected.

  11. EAOE.


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