Cools more, cools faster

Samsung Big Ceiling is a simple and stylish indoor unit that delivers a powerful cooling performance. So as well as blending harmoniously into any workplace, it cools a larger area much faster.

Wide & Long distance cooling.Samsung Big Ceiling air conditioner’s powerful cooling means you can cool a larger space in a shorter time. It blows cool air over a long distance, up to 15 m.


Gentle Drive

It creates a much more comfortable and productive work environment than ever before. An enlarged blade, single motor and enhanced fan mean its noise level is lower than other conventional models.


Simple & Unique Design

Air conditioning is essential in modern workplaces, so it might as well look good! Also, the simple & colourful display adds to the overall aesthetic, while also providing clear status information.


High Elevation (up to 15m)

It provides much greater flexibility as it can be installed even in places where the elevation is up to a height of 15m – which is higher, or two storeys more, than conventional air conditioners.

Samsung Ceiling Suspended R32

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