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Updated: Apr 26


Yes! You read that right!

From the 23rd of April until the 31st of May, we’re giving our customers FREE COPPER AND LAGGING when they purchase a qualifying Samsung or Daikin single-split system!

For example... If you purchase a 2.5kW Samsung Comfort WindFree™ Wall Mount system, we'll add to your order:

1x 15m coil of 1/4" copper

1x 15m coil of 3/8" copper

1x 15m 1/4" bagged lagging (9 or 13mm wall)

1x 15m 3/8" bagged lagging (9 or 13mm wall)

At no additional cost to you!*

You can find an expandable list of all qualifying systems below, along with the ever-important terms and conditions.

DON'T MISS OUT ON THIS SCORCHER OF A DEAL! Contact our sales team to get your systems on order today!



1.      One 15M copper coil of each size (“) – relevant to the system being purchased - and one bag of 15M lagging to suit each copper coil – in either 9mm or 13mm wall (customer’s preference) – will be added to qualifying orders at no extra cost to the customer.

2.     If a customer purchases more than one qualifying system, the promotion is multiplied. For example, if a customer purchases 2 qualifying systems, they will receive 4 copper coils to suit each system and 4 bags of lagging to suit the copper.

3.      This promotion is valid from 1st May 2024, until 17:00 on 31st May 2024. Orders must be ordered and collected or delivered before the deadline to qualify. Any orders collected or delivered after the deadline will have the value of the copper and lagging reinstated and will be chargeable to the customer, without any notice given.

4. Any orders placed before the promotion start date do not qualify.

5.      Customers must be F-Gas registered.

6.      Carriage charges may apply, depending on delivery address and service required.

7.      Freedom Air Conditioning reserves the right to add, remove, and change details, terms and conditions relating to this promotion at any time, without any notice given.

8. Whilst stocks last.

9.      Imagery used is for guidance only.

10.      EAOE.


QUALIFYING PRODUCT COMBINATIONS Please click on the > symbols below to expand each product category. - Includes grille and controller where applicable. See lines marked with [X]. - Data sheets, prices and availability are available upon request.


Perfera Wall Mount




Luzon Wall Mount

Cebu Wall Mount

Comfort WindFree™ Wall Mount

Avant WindFree™ Wall Mount

Elite WindFree™ Wall Mount

[X] 360 Cassette

[X] 4Way Cassette - Windfree™

[X] 4Way Mini Cassette - Windfree™

[X] 1Way Cassette - Windfree™

[X] Large Ceiling Suspended

[X] Ceiling Suspended

[X] Floor Console

[X] Windfree™ High Wall

[X] 10kW High Wall

[X] Duct S MSP Ducted

[X] Slim Ducted

[X] Large High Static Ducted

[X] High Efficiency 360 Cassette

[X] High Efficiency 4Way Cassette - Windfree™

[X] High Efficiency 4Way Mini Cassette - Windfree™

[X] High Efficiency Ceiling Suspended

[X] High Efficiency Floor Console

[X] High Efficiency Windfree™ High Wal

[X] High Efficiency 10kW High Wall

[X] High Efficiency Duct S MSP Ducted

*EAOE - Please see current price list and product guides for additional information.

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