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Everyone's favourite tool bag promotion is back!


Before Wednesday 31st May, treat yourself to one of the qualifying and highly rated VETO tool bags and get yourself FREE a VETO 'SB-LD' or a 'DP3' as well!

The VETO range of toolbags has a reputation for being fantastic value for money, with a generous warranty and a wide array of positive reviews on its capabilities and durability. The pouches being given away in this year's spring promotion are just as handy and hardy and undoubtedly make a perfect addition to the professional engineer's arsenal.

The full list of qualifying products are listed below for you!



  • Promotion running from Friday, 1st March 2024 until end-of-play (17:00) on Wednesday, 31st May 2024.

  • Only the products listed above qualify for a free pouch.

  • Qualifying items will be bought in for you from Aspen, along with your free pouch. Both items can either be collected from our trade counter, or we can deliver to you (additional carriage charge may apply).

  • The promotional pouches cannot be returned for credit or exchanged for any other item.

  • If you would like to return the qualifying bag for a sufficient reason, you must also return the pouch.

  • EAOE.

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