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Why We Love Midea

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

We have been pushing Midea for a while now and we have had lots of questions about why we are so keen to push the brand and the products so hopefully this little FAQ might help to answer a few of the,


Q. Midea? Never heard of it, must be a tiny 2-bit operation?

Midea are the world's largest producer of HVAC equipment, you may not have heard of them in the UK but you will have bought a unit made by them as they OEM manufacture for a number of the leading brands (sadly, we are not allowed for legal reasons to tell you which ones) sold here in the UK. They are also now the fastest growing AC brand in the UK. Across Europe they are already well established and are the largest manufacturer of AC in Germany.


Q. Do they just knock out cheap wall mounts?

Midea do have a great range of incredibly well priced Wall Mounts but they also produce fantastic Commercial AC Units, Chillers, Air Source Heap Pumps (Exclusive to Freedom Heat Pumps), and one of the most efficient and advanced VRF systems available, the amazing new Midea V6 VRF Range. All of the products offer cutting edge technology but are priced to ultimately to give you the competitive edge over your competition.


Q. But is it any good?

Oh yes! Freedom AC never recommend anything without getting down and dirty with it first and we can honestly say that the build quality on the equipment tested is second to none. All the markers of good quality are there, insulated spacers on PCB's, rolled steel edges on casework and now 6 months in we can say Midea has the lowest warranty claims per unit sold of any of the manufacturers we currently supply. Take a look inside the production line of the CAC products to see just how advanced Midea are.


Q. But how I am going to be able to persuade my clients to try something new?

So many big name brands are enjoying Midea that it is fast becoming mainstream. The savings are huge for both contractor and end user and the extra margins allow for less pressure on the install without compromising efficiency, features or quality.


Q. Where is made?


Q. So are you ever going to stop banging on about Midea?

Probably not, no.

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